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Corrado Tiralongo
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Sanjay Vora, CGA
Cell: (647) 237-9151

Sanjay Vora has been providing professional Accounting and Taxation Services to clients for over 20 years. He is a Certified General Account with experience in the United States as well, attaining his qualifications as a Certified Public Accountant from Colorado State.

During his recent tenure with AIC Global Holdings Inc. where he was responsible supervising their corporate accounting department, Sanjay began to build a successful, private Accounting Practice. Now fully committed to providing his expertise to the public at large, Sanjay has recently completed the transition to focus completely on his private practice.

He has provided excellent service to many clients of IPC Representatives within the MyFinancialPlanningTeam branch for a number of years. As part of the team, Sanjay works closely with the advisor and Client to ensure sound tax strategies are incorporated into the overall Financial Services package. 

Rahim Dhalla
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Lucy Vasconcelos, AMP
Mortgage Agent (Lic.#M08000426)
Invis (Lic.#10801)

Lucy joined Invis in 2013 from IPC Save Inc. through the strategic alliance established between Investment Planning Counsel and Invis. Lucy has over 10 years experience in the Real Estate and Accounting industry. Lucy concentrates on sub-prime lending so home ownership is possible for every one of her existing and new clients. Lucy’s aim is to find the best mortgage specific to her clients’ individual needs. Lucy continues to differentiate herself as a professional mortgage agent by thinking “outside the box”, thereby creating dynamic solutions which results in satisfied clients. Lucy attributes her success to building a Relationship, Reputation & Respect with her clients. Website: saveonyourmortgage.ca

Mortgage Broker services provided by Invis (Lic#: ON 10801 | SK 315928).