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Bringing over 25 years of experience to providing you with sound, reliable financial advice to help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind.



Kim Quanz

Financial Advisor

Through her consistent effort and reputation for outstanding service, Kimberley has built a solid client base and expanded her business through referrals from satisfied clients and other professionals...
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Peter Kranics

Financial Advisor

Peter has a passion for Personal Financial Planning and guiding you through your lifelong financial and investing journey with a caring touch. His approach is simple: Clarify and understand your perso...
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Lynne Novak-Garrod

Financial Advisor

Putting clients first. It is an easy claim to make but a more difficult statement to deliver on. We are extremely serious about helping to build and protect your wealth. With an eye towards that respo...
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Our Consultants

Corrado Tiralongo

Chief Investment Officer, Counsel Portfolio Services

Rana Chauhan

Chief Investment Strategist, Counsel Portfolio Services

Rahim Dhalla, CIM

Director, Portfolio Management, Counsel Portfolio Services

Supporting the communities within which we work


At IPC, we built IPC Cares to bring together the various efforts we make towards enhancing the communities within which we operate. By adopting causes that are close to our hearts, we keep ourselves committed and accountable.

Last year alone, as a company, we supported the aid efforts on the Fort McMurray fires, palliative care through The Healing Cycle Foundation and women and children through The Salvation Army.

Perhaps the most significant effort we undertake, and one that we believe is representative of the kind of work that inspires and keeps us committed to our CSR efforts, is the community development project in Honduras with The Carpenteros & Friends. Last year’s project involved a group of IPC staff and Advisors volunteering their time and energy on the ground. Very little is as inspiring and rewarding as living the lives of the people you’re helping, and every one of the people who took the journey came back a changed person, even more determined to stay committed to making a difference in the world!

We also made countless small but significant contributions of our time and resources within our communities through many grassroots charities we believe in, and the ripple effect of their efforts are always rewarding.


(JDRF) Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was founded in 1974 by parents of children with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. They are the leading charitable funder and advocate of diabetes research in the world.

Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. The average life expectancy of someone diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes is shortened by 15 years. Its' devastating effects can include kidney failure, adult blindness, nerve damage, non-traumatic amputations, heart attack, stroke and pregnancy complications. Over 300,000 Canadians live with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes with that number growing between 3 – 5% per year.

JDRF is committed to financially responsible research into finding a cure and developing new and better treatments to improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes. In 2009, JDRF funded over $100 million (US) with more than $42 million into new research projects alone. 

Click here to learn more about JDRF.

To learn what we are doing to raise awareness and funding for JDRF contact our Branch Manager, Dave Pelletier at dave@myfinancialplanningteam.com.